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Frequently Asked Questions


Everywhere I Look...
I Read about Immune Balance / the Importance of my Animal's GastroIntestinal Balance / MicroBiome / Good & Bad Bacteria / An Out-of-Balance GUT...

What is GI Immune Balance ? 
Why / How is it Important to my Animal's total Immune Health ?

   Balance means your Immune System reacts the way it needs to react when facing an Outside "Intruder" or when an Antigen that enters the Body.
   If a Viral or Bacterial Pathogen shows up in your Body, your Defense Mechanisms Kick into Action then Retreat when all is Clear. 
   An UnBalanced Immune Response would mean those Immune Defense Mechanisms Do Not Stop After the Job is Done; They just keep trying to Attack something else, eventually causing Inflammation in Tissues and making Symptoms last well beyond the point the Virus or Bacteria has been Conquered. 

   By the same token, Immune Balance also means when some harmless Pollen, Dust Mite, Mold or Food enters your Body, there is no Inappropriate Response, and the Pollen, Dust or Food passes Harmlessly instead of causing an Allergic Reaction. This may mean a Reduction of Symptom Severity and Duration during these Health Challenges. 

   More and more Science has been published recently acknowledging that Immune Balance is what really counts, much more than Boosting. The idea is to maintain Immune Balance year round, rather than trying to "Boost" Immune Response here and there. 

   Just think about it...
If your Animal's individual Immune System is already Out of Balance on the Aggressive End of the Scale, the last thing you want to do is Boost that even more. On the other Hand, if you have a Weak Immune System, boosting may Help. However, what happens after the Boost is done?  Don't you want an Immune Response that that is "Responsive", that can Function Flexibly, Spontaneously and Apprpriately to the varying Challenge at Hand... And do so 24 / 7 / Year Round ? 

   As Harvard Medical School states: 

                    "The concept of Boosting Immunity actually makes little sense Scientifically.... 
For a Human or Animal's Immune System to Function Correctly, It requires that it be in Balance and Harmony. Responding appropriately as Dictated by the Health Challange.


GOO GUT RECUE ™ Product Questions

Is GOO GUT RESCUE a Drug, ? Can it be used to Diagnose, Mitigate, treat, Cure or Prevent Disease ?
Has the Information / Product Claims been approved / Evaluated by the FDA or Veterinary Regulatory Agency?
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Who is Healthy GOO ™?
What's with the "GOO" in Healthy GOO ™ / GOO GUT RESCUE / Doggy GOO ?
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Your & your DOGs Immune System

GOO Gut Rescue

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What are the possible causes of an Out-of-Balance GUT / GI Immune Tract ?
Are some Breeds more susceptible to GI Disruption than others?
When do Symptoms of GI Distress appear?
You indicate that only 5% of Atopic / Allergy DOGs suffer from “True” Food Allergies. If my Animal does not have FOOD Allergies, but DOES display signs GI Distress, why is this happening ?
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GOO Gut Rescue & Doggy GOO = YES !
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