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Immune Intelligence 

Your Dog’s Gut “MicroBiome”
The invisible constellation of Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
that performs a vital role in keeping your Dog Healthy
… or Not.

Research indicates that the
Health / Balance of Your Animal's MicroBiome GUT Flora
can affect numerous Processes in the Body,
including Metabolism, Energy Production, Immune Health,
Nutrition Assimilation, even Genetic Expression.

 10 Parts Bacteria
1 Part Animal

 Trust Your Animal's GUT to
Is Your Animal's MicroBiome GUT Garden
Dominated by Pathogenic "Bad" Bacteria / WEEDs ?
Antibiotics / Poor DIET /  NSAIDs / Illness

Severely Disrupt the delicate MicroBiome Balance &
Functionality of Your Animal’s GI Immune System.

UnLess Pro-Active GOO GUT RESCUE Measures are taken …

Not only will Your Animal’s GUT / GI Tract will be “LifeTime” dominated by
Pathogenic / Opportunistic BAD Bacteria, compromising GUT / GI BreakDown / Absorption.
But, Ultimately the Barrier Integrity of your Animal’s GUT Lining will be compromised /
 becoming “Porous” as a result of the extended presence of a Pathogenic Bacteria,
allowing FOODs to pass into BloodStream,
causing a Slippery Slope of further Health Issues...
and compromised Quality of Life for Your Animal and You.
 Researchers have found Significant Differences in the
Bacterial Population of Sick Dogs versus Well Dogs.

5 R's
RESCUE > ReStore > REPAIR > Retain > ReSolve
A Healthy GUT Immune MicroBiome in Your Animal.

Your Animal’s MicroBiome from Pathogenic BAD Bacteria Dominance.
Your Animal’s GUT to MicroBiome Health / Balance / Functionality.
The GUT Lining Permeability caused by the persistent presence of Pathogenic Bacteria.
And Preserve a Healthy GUT / GI MicroFlora Balance supporting correct Functionality.
Health Issues to 7 provocative FOODs prompted by GUT ImBalance.

90% of the Cells in Your Animal's Body are Bacterial Microbes
which Live in Symbiotic / Reciprocal Harmony
with the 10% of Cells that are actually those of "Your Animal".  
 75% of Your Animal's Immune System = GUT.
The Health of your Animal's GUT
has a Direct & Profound Effect
on the Functionality & Performance
of your Animal's Entire Immune System / Response.

Clearly the Best Path 
to Your Animal's Peak Immune Performance
is a Healthy / Happy / Well Fed Population of
Beneficial MicroBiome Flora.
A Healthy Immune System
Begins with a Healthy GUT.
Antibiotics, Illness, NSAIDs and / or Poor Diet
Severely Disrupt the Beneficial MicroBiome Flora Balance
in Your Animal's GUT & GI Tract.
Antibiotics are Universally Used to Teat Infection
NSAIDs are Universally Used to Treat Inflammation.
BOTH serve our Animal's Health..
But they must be Used Judiciously..
And the Negative Effects on the Animal's System
Must be Understood / Addressed ..
 The Cure may be Worse
Than the Disease Being Treated. 

Not Only Compromising
Nutrient BreakDown / Absorption / GUT Functionaity 
But will Lead to Compromised GUT Permeability / Integrity

Contributing to...
Enhanced Sensitivity / InTolerance / Allergy to FOOD Sources &
Increased Susceptibility to Infection & Disease.

A Toxic Pathogenic MicroBiome GUT Imbalance
will Remain Entrenched & Progressively Exacerbate
Compromised Qulaity of Life for Your Animal ( And YOU ! ) ...
UnLess ProActive Measures are taken.

Creating a LifeTime Slippery Slope of recalcitrant Health Issues &
Now is the Time to Place Your Animal
Firmly on the LifeTime Path 
to GOO GUT Health.
EveryDay Signs
              • Appetite Loss
              • Poor Stool Consistency
              • Food Allergy Symptoms
              • Vomiting
              • Flatulence
              • Diarrhea
              • Lethargy
              • Big Vet $$ Bills.
Tolerance to 7 Provocative FOODs
GUT / GI Tract MicroBiome Functionality / Health
GUT / GI Tract Integrity
GOO Omega
  • Scientifically Formulated by Healthy GOO’s Medical Director, Dr. Kristin Holm, a Board-Certified Veterinary Dermatologist.
  • Co-Formulation Expertise provided by DVM / Animal Microbial Expert. 
  • Food Antigens Sublingually enhance Immune System Tolerance and decrease Food Sensitivities to Provocative FOOD Sources i.e. Beef, Chicken, Corn, Wheat, Pork, Lamb & Soy. 
  • A proprietary Multi-Blend of Prebiotics, Probiotics and supportive natural Ingredients Formulated specifically to RESCUE / ReStore / REPAIR / Retain & ReSOLVE the Health of Your Animal’s GI Tract / Immune System.
  • Cutting Edge Colustrum Bio-Active REPAIRs GUT Lining Damage caused by presence of Pathogenic GUT Bacteria. 
  • Omega GOO = Omega Rich Chia Seed ( Whole) confer Omega Inflammation, Protein and Fiber Benefits.
  • Pet & Pet Parent GOO Compliance is assured via GOO GUT RESCUE’s “Tasty Treat” GOO-Licious Peanut Butter Sublingual  Delivery. 
How Your Animal can Benefit from GOO GUT RESCUE.
      For PET Parents ..
  • Whose Animal’s have experienced extended Poor Diet, Illness or Antibiotic Consumption and wish to address the possibly of GUT / GI Tract Disruption.
  • Whose Animal’s display Signs of GUT Imbalance.
  • Whose Animal's display FOOD Issues.
  • Who wish to build Immune Tolerance in their Animal to Food Sensitivity / Allergy Sources allowing full / varied Diet participation.
  • Of New Puppies, who wish to Pre-Emptively place their Puppy firmly on the Lifetime Path to a Healthy / Varied Diet and a base of optimal GUT / GI Tract performance.
  • Of Healthy Animal's, who wish to place their Puppy firmly on the Lifetime Path to a Healthy / Varied Diet and a base of optimal GUT / GI Tract performance.
RESCUE Your Animal’s GUT !

From Pathogenic Bacteria Dominance
Caused by Antibiotics / Poor Diet / Illness.

RESCUE / ReStore / REPAIR / ReTain / ReSolve
the Health of
Your Animal's GUT !

Heal & Seal Your Animal's GUT !
Take the FEAR out of FOOD !
Temper & Balance
Your Animal’s Immune Response
to 7 Provocative FOOD Sources.
Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork,
Wheat, Corn & Soy.
Now, your Animal can Enjoy
 the Full Nutrient Benefits of Today's FOOD Bounty
without FEAR of FOOD
Sensitivity / InTolerance / Allergy Consequences.
Fight Bad Bugs
Good Bugs !